Why start a blog?


Hello Friends,

                                 My name is Shalaka Virkar. I am a wife, mother and software programmer. I started this blog to just connect with outside world and share what they know and also learn from others. Because that’s definitely what I had in mind.

There were several reasons why I wanted to start my own blog. We were recently blessed with a baby boy. His name is Arjun and he is the apple of my eye. I was on the maternity leave for a good 14 weeks but its a never enough I guess. Although it was an amazing, life changing experience. , I realized that being a mother is very demanding both physically and mentally. Before going on a maternity leave I had planned what I will do with my time. But soon realized that between changing diapers and breast feeding the baby I could not get anything done. I did not get any time to read books, could not exercise due to the surprise C-Section. Had terrible back ache. It was hard giving up on all the things that liked to do which I could not.

As days passed things changed, I started exercising again, started reading (still not as much as I should but I am trying ), started watching youtube videos for motivation and that’s when I stumbled upon a channel called “ Simple Programmer” by John Sonmez. I started following his channel and the blog. I noticed that he offered a course called How to Start A blog that boosts your career.

As a mother and a software programmer I think I have a lot to offer. How I learn new technologies quickly. As a working mom, you have a lot to do at home. But professionally you have to keep up with new technologies or development platforms/ frameworks as a software developer. How I balance between work and home. I think the is the best medium to teach and learn from others. And that’s what my blog is all about.

Since this is my first blog I cannot tell you how it  has helped me in my career I hope it does. But what I can tell you for sure is that it has given me a lot of confidence in pursuing my passion – Teaching. This is definitely going to give me that push in networking which I was always poor at.

And I sincearly hope that you guys will join me in this journey because without  your support and comments I will not succeed in my mission in life and that is to learn and keep sharing the knowledge.

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